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"Rick loves the Lord and is a soul winner.  His dependability and concern for people has proven to be a tremendous asset to the Lord's work."

                                                                         Dr. Jerry Vines, Senior Pastor
                                                                         First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL

"Rick is one of my closest and dearest friends.  Both as a student of his and a fellow laborer in the ministry, I have worked side by side with him on many projects.  I would highly recommend him and his ministry to you.  Rick is very qualified to teach and preach the Word of God in any setting.  He has been, and is a tremendous influence in my life."

                                                                         Rev. Brian Baker, Senior Pastor
                                                                         South Putnam Church, Pomona Park, FL

"Rick is a man of character and integrity who is committed to evangelizing, edifying and equipping both the youth and adults of your church.  I highly recommend Rick to your church and youth ministry.  His ministry will have a tremendous impact on your community.  Rick's message is energetic, captivating, and culturally relevant."

                                                                         Rev. Kevin Winningham, Pastor
                                                                         NorthRidge Church, Plymouth, MI

"Rick has a real heart for young people and has been able to be the means of helping many of our young people.  He exerts a very wholesome influence on those who are around him."

                                                                         Dr. Jack J. Dinsbeer, Retired Pastor
                                                                         University Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL

"I heartily recommend to you the ministry of Rick Hagar.  Rick has shown himself to be a man of God and a man who has a heart for souls.  I believe he could be a tremendous help to any church."

                                                                          Dr. Thomas E. Ward, Senior Pastor
                                                                          EastPoint Community Church, Newark, DE

"I have had the privilege of working with Rick in the past on several mission trips.  It seems strange but every time we bring a group on a mission trip to where Rick is ministering, one of the students that I bring from my church, First Baptist Church, Douglasville, GA., ends up spending time alone with Rick and they end up coming to know Jesus.  Rick loves to spend time one on one sharing the love of Jesus and people come into a saving knowledge of Him because of that.  To sum it up I will simply say that Rick is a Soul-Winner!  Evangelism radiates from his heart and I would recommend that you use him in any evangelistic event that you are considering having."

                                                                          Rev. Kevin C. Williams, Youth Pastor
                                                                          First Baptist Church, Douglasville, GA

"Rick truly is a great friend and a prayerful man of God.  His ministry of youth and family relationships is sure to be a blessing to your life!

                                                                          Tory Gum, Vice President
                                                                          Judson College, Elgin, IL

"It is a pleasure to recommend Rick to you.  Rick is a man of character and integrity.  On several occasions he has taken young men and mentored them.  His most appreciable strength is his ability to relate to young people.  He not only relates well to them, but he knows and understands how to get and keep their attention.  I can highly recommend Rick to you and your ministry without reservation."

                                                                            Keith Wilson, Worship Leader
                                                                            Bible Baptist Church, Elkton, MD

"Evangelist Rick Hagar has participated in many events that have taken place in the Ukrainian Community in the United States.  The relationship started from the time we invited Rick to preach for the Ukrainian Youth at a Bible Camp in Canada.  Rick has since been invited to several youth services and retreats as the main speaker.  His sermons are always enthusiastic, real, to the point, and full of his experiences that he has had during his walk with God.  Rick is a wonderful speaker and has an excellent way of reaching the youth.  He has become a part of the Ukrainian Youth in the United States."

                                                                           Leo Letushko, President
                                                                           Youth Association of UEBC, Vineland, NJ


Hey Rick!

Shalom be unto you and your people!

Rick!  We were soooo blessed to have you at our last coffeehouse!  It was a true blessing!  Real blessing!  Jesus has empowered you with His power to speak to the youth!  The youth listen to you!  Your jokes, - man!  They are awesome!  You always get your point across!  Thank God for you, Rick!  The discussion was according to the topic!  It was so great that you started with new years resolution and led it to the gift of all the gifts, - the ONE gift we must ask for from God!  That is Jesus Christ!!!

Thanks for calling to accept Jesus at the end!  Many people raised hands and prayed the sinner’s prayer.  They will never be the same again!  I know it!  Once you talk to God – even if you do not really mean it the first time – the Holy Spirit will not let you live peacefully until you either come to the Lord or reject Him totally.

Rick, we all thank you and thank the Lord for you, brother! We also look forward to working on the Lord’s field along with you in the future!

May God bless you and your family! 


Coffeehouse Crossroads Staff